Carlos Andromeda ~ Vision and Culture Leadership

Carlos Andromeda, vision/evolutionary monk @ Qualia Computing, began this journey in 2016 when he left the pursuit for a degree in Mechanical Engineering half way through because he found through research that the education was 7 years behind the industry. He decided that if something was worth learning, in order to create a better world, it wasn't going to be found through traditional education.

He went on to spend the majority of the following years pursuing passionate interests such as business, science, technology, spirituality, systems thinking, economics, and bio-hacking. This research came to a peak with the discovery that there is an underlying system of positive action domains that all conscious individuals take part in: iVive(Personal Evolution; impacting the resourcefulness of the self), Eviva(Collective Evolution; Contribution and Reward), and Aventi(Higher Quality Personal Experience and Expression of Self).

Together, these three positive action domains classify all positive actions that we take in our lives, from drinking coffee to enhance alertness, to contributing to collective well-being through the work that we do, to having epic adventures that remind us why we are alive. This understanding, of these three positive action domains, helps to clarify how we can spend our time in order to live the most fulfilling and meaningful life, with balance between the three domains that naturally brings harmony to experience.

This knowledge then led to a framework of understanding of the design criteria for an enhanced system that would in essence be like Jarvis for the human experience of life and evolution, thereby reducing all unnecessary/redundant SLOWA(Searching, Learning, Organising, Working, and Advertising) that takes up so much time in our lives, protects against existential risk, and evolves ourselves on a continuum.

He then went on to Thailand, seeking spiritual counsel and validation of these ideas, and found even more than he was looking for through the experiences that came fourth. He is now dedicating the whole of his life-focus to solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

"Take the leap; Become Evolutionary."

Interpersonal Synergy


Grigori Jlavyan # Technological Leadership and Implementation

Grigori's background is mathematics. He graduated from Yerevan State University with a master’s degree at the faculty for Informatics and applied mathematics. The thesis was about Fuzzy Logic AI systems which is a very actual topic nowadays. After that he started to work as a Developer.

Grigori has now been a professional Developer for 13+ years. Over the last 10 years he has been focusing on Mobile application development working hands-on with both Swift and Objective-C. He's developed dozens of apps using a vast array of technologies and frameworks, and also possesses extensive experience in architectural design while leading teams and offers a clear and concise perspective on all aspects of Mobile Development.

Mohammad A. Hijazi @ Market Architecture

With 12+ years of marketing experience in diverse industries across 30 countries and 120+ clients, Mohammad Hijazi is a leading communications consultant and trainer who is passionate about growing small and medium businesses, start-ups and nonprofits. Creating positive impact is his main driving force that led to more than 25,000 trained and empowered leaders and 100+ events created and managed to inspire his audience about the power of ethical marketing practices, growth hacking, demand generations, performance marketing, content marketing, public & influencer relations, copyrighting and project management.

Certified from Google, Facebook, Reuters, Hubspot, the US State Department and Junior Chamber International, M.H. has transformed strategies for organizations like the European Union (EU), World Economic Forum, United Nations, British Council, Leo Burnett, the Dubai Islamic Bank, and has worked with start-up CEOs everywhere from Silicon Valley to Dubai. Graduating from a top 250 university worldwide, the American University of Beirut, his strong work ethic, dependability, and flexibility has shaped him into a leader who led teams of 10,000 active citizens and hundreds of media production professionals.

On a personal level, M.H. enjoys travelling and learning from diverse cultures, reading nonfiction, cooking and trying different types of tea from all over the world.

Tiah Dunstan - Political Science and Business Administration

    University student studying business administration and political science at Western University, with a focus in sustainability. Tiah’s passion in life centres around to best leverage political and business administrations to improve the daily lives of humans globally.

    Tiah has experience in assisting youth clubs and organizations in launching their operations and recruiting initial members. She has a deep appreciation for the start-up world and the development of groundbreaking ideas that change global daily operations. Tiah’s past experiences, while limited, have developed a vastly open mindset with large goals of human development and the motivation to back them.

Maria Angela Pantpja Naranjo - Partner of Negotiations

Bio: International Business

Professional in Business Administration, Marketing Management, characterised by integrity, firm thinking and strong work ethic. English and Spanish Fluency.

Angela has more than 14 years of experience in the general and operational management of technology companies, in commercial, administrative, internal control, quality-security in the logistics chain, human management and financial analysis, which has given her a very good ability to structure projects, develop important ones, negotiation skills and excellent interpersonal and commercial relationships.

A Global Opportunity

You think of work as more of an expression of your passion, you want to be surrounded by like-minded people, and you can get sh*t done, if this sounds like you then we want you on our team. Even if we haven’t specifically posted an opening that fits your expertise, QC will always be open to partnering with exceptional human beings who are passionate about what they do and honestly interested in multi-generational impact.

We’re here to change the f*****g world by optimising the human-machine interface. With us you’ll be a part of a dedicated, international team that truly prioritizes humanitarian effort, transparency, trust, satisfaction, decentralized processes and product excellence.

Leave us your CV, tell us why you’re the best at what you do, how you’ll fit into QC and what you hope to accomplish.

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