We Are Antifragile ~ We Are Conscious ~ We Are Co-Evolving


Humanity: "How can we come to know and flow with all that is and ought to be both for ourselves and for humanity?"

Co-Ops: "How can we give access, to any and every individual, the prioritization, organization, optimization, and planning ability that authentically empowers them to curate as much of the life experience they desire as is possible?"

These questions represent our internal process of the EPQ{Epic Perpetual Query} which is a deeper dive into Peter Diamandis' MTP(Massively Transformative Purpose)


"To simultaneously satisfy the desires of humanity and potentiate its ability for omni-consideration and continued expansive thriving into the future."

Some Quotes:

"Autonomous Human Qualia / Life Optimisation; Human-mobileOS life gamification via Quality of Life and Consciousness Metrics"

"Accelerating humanity's evolution in the most omni-considerate and humanitarian direction currently foreseeable."

"Evolving Humans by increasing the frequency with which they take the effective actions that increase desired and desirable qualities of life and consciousness and simultaneously decreasing undesirable/unwanted suffering due to unnecessary/redundant SLOWA(Searching, Learning, Organising, Working, and exposure to Advertisement)."

"Serve the conscious user and all else will follow."

"Spark with imagination, fuel with data"

Project File: Hello Aventi

Project Hello Aventi is the strategy of curating an evolving social app that solves the issue of polarization that is coming up in society through incentivising live good-faith dialogue and accepting data from the positive and "contributing to life" actions that people take in their lives that produce the results they get, weather it be a quality of life such as happiness and joy, or a more specific life-goal such as strength, resilience, fitness, emotional well-being, financial abundance, or even large scale humanitarian goals like optimizing the biosphere for quality of life metrics and biodiversity.

The result of gathering this data in a structured way will be a kind of collective cloud intelligence, that interprets and delivers the life experience(s) desired by the individual, maps out all possible routes, and provides the sets of "next-best-actions" in each positive action domain. It will initially be like google-maps for life experience curation, and eventually be like Jarvis for the human experience of life in the universe, and through the digital Metaverse.

These three positive action domains are inter-affecting, and autonomically up-regulate quality of life.

iVive: Personal Evolution of Mind, Body, Relationships, Environment, Finance, and Technology.

Eviva: Collective Sustenance and Sensemaking(contribution to, and reward from, enhancing collective antifragility)

Aventi: Desirable Experiences and Self-Expression, The Adventure; the reason we do it all.

Our starting point for our MVP of Aventi will make planning your next adventure as easy as swiping.

We will then expand the app to include other functionalities that have been mentioned.

An Exploration of AiQ(this cloud intelligence)

Using this technology will enable you to lend a degree of automation to your life, so much as you desire, and to tune the dials of life such as how hard you want to work, what kinds of adventure you want to experience in your life, how often, even tuning the trajectory of your physical and mental fitness to the desired setting will become feasible. Using this technology, it will seamlessly integrate into your life, giving you subtle reminders to keep you on track with your goals and desired experience of life, and providing "next-steps" in every situation you find yourself in.

We often find that there are many different activities that we like to partake in, and would do them more often if we only had the time, or organizational ability, well, what if I told you that using AiQ you would actually have more time on your hands due to the system showing you how to optimize your time and money use efficiency/effectiveness, in every aspect of life? We estimate that this system once fully optimized will increase the efficiency of the actions we all take in our lives by at least 5x, if not 10x.


Instead of spending 8 hours sleeping and only sometimes truly feeling well rested, with AiQ, you will be able to sleep just 5-6 hours with far better results, this being due to the actions that you take being a direct cause of the results that you get and AiQ helping you to make better and more informed decisions.

What if i told you that instead of researching for hours or even days or weeks to figure out how to even start getting results when it comes to fitness, AiQ would simply ask you what your goals are for fitness, such as increased strength and flexibility, and then just show you the top, full suite, action plans including locations to do activities and even buy the food / supplements you need, and then go on to help you integrate these new habits of consumption and activity into your life.

Most of all, you will have a greater opportunity to experience adventure and self-expression in your life in all senses.

You will also have more ease of access to, verified-by-the-collective-cloud-intelligence, information resources.

A more informed human is a human that can create, share, and experience more beauty in life.

We're evolving the experience of social networking, and creating 'Jarvis' for the human experience of life and evolution. Come with us!


" Qualia Computing is an exciting Canadian company with a big vision: making technology work for people, instead of the other way around.

Their app Aventi, which I've seen firsthand during the beta stages, uses a sharp understanding of young people's social lives and the problems they face to give them the best possible experience.

It's something I will use and recommend to everyone I know :) "

Will Greenblatt || CEO @ OutLoud Speakers School || LinkedIn