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Consilience (n):

“In science and history, consilience is the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can ‘converge’ on strong conclusions.

That is, when multiple sources of evidence are in agreement, the conclusion can be very strong even when none of the individual sources of evidence is significantly so on its own.”

We believe that today’s problems cannot be fixed by yesterday’s solutions. The Consilience Project’s purpose is to lay the foundations for a new kind of society that is capable of addressing the catastrophic risks humanity now faces.

Some of the central questions explored:

  • How do we create a world that is antifragile factoring increasingly decentralized exponential technologies?

  • What would it take to achieve effective global coordination such that humanity could do both long range comprehensive planning and factor new information with fast processing cycles?

  • With the first fully globalized civilization, how do we avoid the collapse fate that has befallen all previous civilizations?

  • How do we do adequate safety analysis on radically unprecedented, complex, and consequential technologies like artificial intelligence and synthetic biology? Moreover, how do we bind the development of these technologies to those safety analyses and ensure that they are neither weaponized nor deployed negligently?

  • How would we best

    • Identify and internalize externalities in the decision making process?

    • Identify and remove perverse economic interests systemically?

    • Identify and remove (the basis for) corruption, without debasing creative agency?

    • Bind predative power asymmetries where said asymmetries tend to confer the power to protect and advance themselves?

    • Account for types of value that are real but aren’t quantifiable, extractable, and exchangeable, in relationship to the types of value that are…factoring the relative power conferred by the latter type?

  • How can we change the topology of incentive landscapes in the direction towards long term life enhancement?

  • How do we close the niches for predatory behavior?

  • How can we better bind wisdom and influence?

  • What are effective types of immune systems for corruption in governance systems?

  • How can we develop processes for collective intelligence that get smarter per capita with scale?

  • How do we comprehensively disincentivize misinformation and harm to the information ecology and epistemic commons?

  • How do we develop authentic virtue in people while disincentivizing virtue signaling?

  • Immediately, how do we make it through an increasingly multi-polar world, caught in economic extraction races as we near ecological limits of growth, empowered by increasingly catastrophic weapons and tools for increasingly effective widespread disinformation?

Advisory Quotes

"Don't try to fix social media. Social media is simply one of the words we currently use to describe the crappy Internet framework we're all stuck with right now. Don't try to fix this failed framework. That will only further justify it's existence. Create a new framework, and then leverage your network effects to enable new possibilities."

Paul Diagle